Mine2-4D Product Features

Mine2-4D Base

The base module provides the mining engineer with a comprehensive toolset to manage the complexity of data from geological, survey, and mine design layouts by producing complete and detailed mine plans and schedules.  In addition, it has the ability to quickly assess the financial implications of variations in a mine plan


Mine2-4D Underground Design

Provides the user with design tools for the underground mining environment, and has the flexibility to model any mining method. Key features include rules-based design (auto-layout), ramp design tools and auto-sequencing.


Mine2-4D Open Pit Design

Ads design tools (such road/ramp, berm, bench and pushback design) for the surface mining environment including open pits. An interactive bench scheduling tool is also included.


Mine2-4D Survey Reconciliation

Allows engineers to import survey data (topes and points) and model the as-built mined openings for reference in their mining layouts, while also updating their designs.